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The Center was established to serve Polish-American community in the USA


Particularly, to enable Polish-American patients an access to the highest quality medical care provided by Polish- and English-speaking personnel

in preparation for, during and after organ and cell transplantation procedures.


We offer kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, lungs, islet and bone marrow transplantation.

For more information, please contact


tel. (773) 834-8482  

fax (773) 834-0732


Kinga was 19 year old when she gave a part of her own liver to her Mom, Maria, when Maria’s liver failed and was dying.  Both are feeling great 5 years after the transplantation procedure. Kinga graduated from a nursing school.

Teresa who moved with family to Chicago from South of Poland years ago, received a kidney from her brother Marian, so

she was only one month on hemodialysis. Both are feeling great more then 5 years after the procedure; both are fully active professionally.

Mallory (above)  had suffered from type 1 diabetes since she was a child. She received a pancreatic islet transplant and has not bee using any insulin for almost 4 years. 

Polish husband- Stanislaw and nurse Tomasz

At the age of 69 Stanislaw (below) was stressed about his kidney transplant especially that he spoke mostly Polish. Karolina  guided him in Polish during recovery in the hospital and Jozefa took over his outpatient care, chatting in Polish during the clinic visits and over the phone. 

Irenka speaks only Polish. She received a kidney transplant at the age of 75. 

Nurse Karolina took care of her speaking Polish in hospital (left) and Jozefa took over her care in clinic during

the recovery and afterwards (right). 



for  34 YEARS!!! 

Ryszard has been living with the kidney transplant for last 34 years! When he was 26 years old, he received his first kidney tx, which worked 11 years. Next kidney transplanted from his father, has been working for last 23 years. Although still not on dialysis, we may need his third transplant soon, 


His has been taking his anti-rejection medications for all 34 years, Recently developed some superficial small, skin cancers related to the medications, which under surveillance of a dermatologist have been successfully treated surgically. Nevertheless, he highlights that kidney transplants allowed him to have a really happy life with own family, raising his children. He also has had career as a college professor in Chicago.

Bravo Ryszard!. 



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